Taste of Tukuba 2018 Satsuki Stage Hercules Class winner Kagayama Yukio's riding and intervew.by Webike Japan   1 year ago


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Taste of Tukuba was held at 19-20th May 2018 that is biggest and highest lever of race except All Road Race Japan.
And it is very populer race and one of biggest cloud of the race.
Team Kagayama who are top All Road Race Japan rider joined the this race and made special GSX-1000R KATANA for this race.

He is real professional rider and one of the fastest rider but this race also very high level because they need tune up and set up bikes for classy bikes , not only rider's skill.

But Team Kagayama showed us what is All Road Race Japan rider.
Their team managamant such as built the special KATANA , mechanich skill and rider's skill and brilliantly he got the win!

In this movie , you can see on board camera of KATANA and also you can see course layout of Tsukuba Circuit.