GE Superadio 7-2880B Classic AM FM Portable Radio Reviewby todderbert   2 years ago


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I now fully understand why everyone is excited about this GE 7-2880B AM FM portable radio. Wow, it's an absolutely, amazing AM DXer. The audio that comes booming out of this radio is a dream.

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I purchased my used example from ebay for $59.99 shipped. It needed some cleaning up. Took my time and was able to restore the front panel to its original look.

Features I like best about this radio:
Its still portable!
An AM DXer's dream come true.
Audio that fills a room and more.
FM Reception is top notch.
Tuning is nice, and the analog marker is dead on.
AC option, that does not produce any RFI.

If your looking for an amazing radio that seeks out new stations, then your search has ended. I would recommend this radio as a buy for around $60 and under, any higher and it should be mint condition and come with the original box. This radio is so satisfying to listen to. Let me know in the comments below if you own one and what you like about it.

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