Restored J3 Piper Cub First flight and Sammy Beefkins   8 years ago


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For the impatient the crash is shortly after the 4 minute mark.

Also, this cub has been rebuilt and still glad to this day. The "new maiden" after the rebuild can be seen here---

After weeks of cleaning up the old piper cub we finally decide to try it out. Well, my dad got to try it out lol. This was the first flight in about 15 years and was sadly short lived. Clearly the old mans rusty. I Didn't even get to see it land once. It also would have been nice to actually fly it myself also. This fuselage is about 15 years old and has hundreds of flights on it, it had never been crashed until today but It will live to see another day. New maiden flight soon.

Update: thanks for all the comments. Yes plane was obviously tail heavy and a rusty pilot helped bring her on down...... this cub has since been rebuilt and still flies to this day! Rebuild and new maiden video can be found in the rest of my videos.

New maiden here:

OS 48 surpass 4 cycle engine (25 years old)
FP-S148 Futaba servos
Spektrum AR6210 receiver
DX7s transmitter