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Magika is a classic track from Two Steps From Hell, here as a piano version by Andrew Wrangell! My second TSFH arrangement.
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Composed by Thomas Bergersen, Magika was originally released as part of the 2007 Two Steps From Hell trailer music album, Dynasty. It was also re-released as part of Classics, Vol. 2, in 2015.

Original Magika:

It's definitely one of my favourite Two Steps From Hell tracks and it can really get into your head. My only complaint about it is that it's too short! Only two minutes? You've got to be kidding! It's got such an incredible melody. Just shows you once again how masterful Thomas Bergersen is at epic music.

I tried to make this Magika piano version include interesting fast notes. I could always just play it pretty much like the original in a simple way, but I prefer to add some of my own interpretation. Plus, who doesn't like to see lots of notes fast? :D It's more of a challenge to play it this way for sure, but I think the result is more interesting than just playing a simple version!

I'm really getting into the idea of doing these "epic music" piano arrangements! Two Steps From Hell is by far my favourite artist, particularly the tracks written by Thomas Bergersen (sorry Nick!) so keep an eye out for more! I will try and do some ones from the newest album at this date (Vanquish). Perhaps I'll also look at doing more trailer music in the future!

Also, a side note. The album art for Classics, Vol. 2, features a gryphon. This clearly shows that Thomas Bergersen and Nick Phoenix have fantastic taste in mythical creatures! That's pretty much my favourite kind! Perfect for epic music.

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