Tribute to Ridiculous Voices!! Key of Awesome #70by The Key of Awesome   7 years ago


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We met up with the gang from CDZA to do a tribute to all of our favorite ridiculous singers!!
Tribute to Ridiculous Voices Volume 2:
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Song List:

Louis Armstrong - What A Wonderful World
Billie Holiday - Summertime
Bob Dylan - Like A Rolling Stone
Joe Crocker - A Little Help From My Friends
Dolly Parton: 9-5
Neil Young - Old Man
Stevie Knicks - Rhiannon
Geddy Lee (Rush) -Tom Sawyer
Michael McDonald - What a Fool Believes
Bryan Johnson - Shook Me All Night Long
Tom Petty - Refugee
Morrissey - How Soon is Now
Aaron Neville - I Don't Know Much
Gwen Stefani (No Doubt) - Don't Speak
Britney Spears - Hit Me Baby One More Time
Dave Matthews - Ants Marching
Dolores O'riordan (Cranberries): Zombie
Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins) - Disarm
Macy Gray - I Try
Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day) - Time of Your Life