READ DESCRIPTION! Kill Your LiPo Safely With Thisby AndyRC   9 months ago


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Lipo Killer:
Cheaper Version:

There are too many comments asking why I didnt split the cells of this battery, to make it 5S. All other cells had terrible internal resistance and were also useless from being abused on speed runs for you! Despite that I dont endorse splitting cells, If you are fine with doing it then have at it but just like the instruction manual that comes with some lipos I have a responsibility to new people in the hobby not to open the battery and burn their house down. This device is for killing those puffed and damaged lipos that could do that and people who dont have the luxury of a recycling center. I dont have a battery sponsor., I buy all my own batteries. So wanna split your batteries? Fine thats on you not me.
Dont like this product? move on. Cheers

My Gear:
XM+ (look up rssi on channel 8)
R9 Mini Receiver
Jumper T12 Plus:
Flysky I6X:
Fatshark HDO:
Aomway Commander:
FXT Viper for glasses:
True D Diversity:
Aomway Cloverleaf:
Menace Pico:
Menace Bandicoot:
5" Props:

Best Cameras:
Micro Swift:
Micro Sparrow :

Best VTX:
IRC Tramp:

Best 30x30 stack:
Best 20x20 Stack for 5 inch:
Best 20/20 stack for micros:

Best 6 Inch rtf
Diatone 2018 GT-Tyrants 630:

Best 7 Inch rtf

Best BNF 5 inch (in order):
BATMAN220 (103MPH):
Emax Hawk 5 (106MPH):
Hobbymate Meteo (106mph):
Hobbymate Comet (103mph):
Kopis 2 SE (101 MPH):
Diatone 2018 GT R530 (97mph) :
KK 5GTL https (96MPH)

Best Ultralight endurance RTF (in order)
Diatone GT-M515 (106mph)
LDARC 200GT (101mph)

Best 3 Inch (in order)
Skyzone S140 (112mah)
Diatone GT-M3 (107mph)
HGLRC XJB-145 (99MPH) :
Eachine TS130 (108mph):

Best 2.5 Inch:
Diatone GT-M2.5
Babyhawk R Pro

Best 2 Inch:
Babyhawk R:

Best Whoop for indoors (no other competition)


Lipo Killers:

Batteries 5 inch
4s 1500mah GNB

Batteries 3 Inch:
4s 850mah
4s 650mah
4s 750mah

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Mavic Air:
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P4 :
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