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A tooth might be extracted for several reasons. This decision brings about many consequences. Time becomes an enemy, causing the nearby teeth to move in such a way as to fill the empty space. These natural movements will bring about a series of problems that complicate the original situation. The displacement of the teeth creates new gaps between the other teeth where food can accumulate. The space, having become difficult to keep up, risks letting in bacteria responsible for decay or gum disease, thus inducing bone loss. On the other hand, the tooth opposite the missing tooth, aiming to find its point of contact, may come out of its socket. This recession of the gums often brings about a sensitivity related to the exposure of a part of the root and also a loss of stability. This action usually goes on until the tooth can find another point of contact or until it falls out. Moreover, mastication made with less teeth increases the workload for the other teeth and can bring about premature wear. Add to this the loss of bone structure at the mouth level as well as in the face. The sagging of the supporting tissues of the face is synonymous with premature aging. For all these reasons, it is imperative that you get all the information before choosing extraction.

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